If you’re new to juicing, at some point you’ll encounter a subsection of those that juice wheatgrass. Personally, I have tried it, but I honestly can’t recommend it. Do I believe that there is anything harmful about juicing wheatgrass? Of course not, it is after all, just an organic plant. The problems that I have with it is, that many people (most?) end up buying kits to grow their own wheatgrass, and even buying specialized juicers just to juice wheatgrass.

However, the biggest problem that I have personally with juicing wheatgrass is the many benefits that some, often those trying to sell you a juicer or wheatgrass growing supplies, make. As I mentioned before, I don’t believe that there is anything harmful, physically, with juicing wheatgrass, and I believe it can be as healthy as juicing some other vegetables, I just don’t believe some of the claims being made and I have yet to see any scientific data that supports these claims.

One of the most the most outlandish claims I’ve seen made is that by ingesting wheatgrass juice you can prevent or actually cure cancer. Some of the other claims that some make is that it speeds up blood circulation and cures blood disorders of all kinds. Huh, this is not some miracle drug, but they would sure have you believe it is.

If you are interested in juicing wheatgrass I would suggest that you first read over this short page on Wikipedia and then search for other credible scientific information before you shell-out a lot of money on a wheatgrass juicer and a growing kit.

I do know, firsthand, the benefits of juicing fresh vegetables, and fruits, so believe me when I say that I am not trying to steer anyone away from juicing, quite the opposite, but I just don’t want to see anyone turned off by it thinking that they have found something magical in wheatgrass juicing, only to be let down.

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