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You’ve no doubt heard all the buzz about juicing your own fresh juice.  Read on to find out why you really should!

1.    Improve your complexion.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  The way it looks is often a reflection of what is going on inside.  Feed your skin the healthy nutrients it craves.  Carrot juice acts as a blood cleanser and promotes the repair of skin tissue.  Cucumber juice helps get rid of toxins and salt.  As you keep your skin hydrated with lots of water and fresh juice, you will be amazed at the noticeable improvement in your skin tone in just a short while.

2.    Easily consume your daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.  In some health circles it is recommended that we should be consuming one pound of vegetables for every 50 pounds of body weight.  Yikes! That’s a lot of salad.  Juicing allows you to get more goodness from your vegetables than just eating them raw and it’s a more manageable way to achieve a daily dietary requirement such as this one.

3.    It tastes good.  Just about everyone loves a fruit smoothie.  Just thinking about a tall glass of cool strawberry, pineapple, and kiwi juice gets me drooling.  However, people tend to be wary of vegetable juices.  Take courage!  Start with vegetables that you like to eat.  There is a plethora of juicing recipes on the web that you can try out.  Adding an apple to your vegetable juice recipe is a popular way to making it more palatable.

4.    You know what’s in your juice.  Making your own juice gives you ultimate control.  You don’t have to have added sweeteners if you don’t want them.  You can use local, organic produce.

5.     Kids like juice.  Do you have trouble getting little Sally to eat her veggies?  Do you arrange those fresh vegetable sticks and pieces into cute little happy faces to no avail?  Me too!  Juice can be a much more enticing way for children to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Having them help in the preparation can be a blast as well.

6.    You can use the pulp from your juice.  Don’t throw away the pulp after you’ve juiced your fruits and veggies!  If you don’t want to use it for anything else, at the very least use it as compost for your garden to enrich the soil.  Juicer pulp can be added to cakes and muffins (carrot and apple pulps are really yummy). Or, take vegetable pulp and mix it in with your hamburger or meatloaf for extra flavor and fiber.  Soft fruit pulp mixed with a little water can be made into ice popsicles – so healthy!

7.    It’s energizing.  Juicing fruits and vegetables releases all the enzymes from the fibers of your produce.  Enzymes provide the energy for every cellular function of our bodies.  A glass of fresh juice in the morning will help you feel more energetic for longer than if you drank a cup of coffee. It’s so much better for you too!

8.    Juicing complements your weight loss plan.  Vegetable juice helps decrease cravings.  Drink a glass of veggie juice before a meal to help curb your appetite. Consult your doctor if you are interested in the benefits of a juice fast.

9.    Disease prevention.  Fruits and vegetables contain key antioxidants and phytochemicals that help keep away substances that cause disease from cancer to diverticulitis.  Juicing will help boost your immune system to ward off a variety of illnesses.

10.     And if you need one more reason…Celebrities are really into it.  The Back Street Boys and Angelina Jolie drink wheatgrass juice.  Audrina Partridge from The Hills, also juices.  But don’t do it just because they do. You’ve got nine other solid reasons for making fresh fruit and vegetable juices part of your everyday life!

Making healthy choices is vital in today’s world.  Find out more about juicing and vegetable juicers to complement your healthy lifestyle by visiting Juicers 4 Health.
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