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Pharmacy In Vegetables
A unique report with 140 tested home and beauty remedies using simple vegetables. Use the science behind the health benefits of vegetables to improve your health, delay aging and cure major diseases.
Pharmacy In Vegetables

Our Vegetable Garden Secrets
Absolutely Everything You Will Ever Need To Know About Growing Healthy Superfood Vegetables In Your Own Back Yard.
Our Vegetable Garden Secrets

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Read on for some healthy vegetable juice recipes that are perfect for a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. You will also find a handful of the health benefits these juicer recipes are known to yield.

The Vitalizer
two beets

To take advantage of the best health benefits of beets, go organic and put them through your Jack LaLanne power juicer with their skin on. No need for peeling. The peel is a superb source of phyto-chemicals and soluble fiber (soluble fiber survives the juicing process, it is just insoluble fiber which is held back by the power juicer). Research conducted a couple of years ago, at Northumbria Nniversity in the U.K, found that administering beet juice to a select amount of male cyclists increased the amount of time they were able to cycle. These cyclists were able to cycle for twelve percent more on average after consuming a beet juice once a day for a period of 2 weeks.

Carrot & Celery
four large carrots
four celery stalks (including leaves)

Celery juice is one of the most potent natural cures for high blood pressure. The compounds in celery juice, known as phthalides, create a surprising relaxing effect within the muscles of the arteries, providing the means for them to stretch further. The knock-on-effect of this is it naturally lowers blood pressure.

The juice of carrots is an exceptionally high source of beta-carotene, a phyto-chemical which is also called pro-vitamin A. This is because the liver changes  beta-carotene to vitamin A as required by the body. Although carrots are concentrated in  beta-carotene, carrot juices are even more so. Beta-carotene bonds with the tough fibers in carrots, and even though we free some beta-carotene by chewing, a juicing machine does a much better job of it. Extensive population studies show that those with high levels of beta-carotene  in their diet are dramatically less likely to develop heart disease or suffer strokes and heart attacks than those with minimal amounts of beta-carotene in their diet. Beta-carotene also helps to protect our eyes from oxidative damage and consequently keep the eyes younger for longer.

Leafy Green Juice
six large carrots
two cups of spinach
handful of kale

To get the maximum amount of juice from kale and spinach roll them up into a ball before you put them into your Jack LaLanne power juicer. This aids to improve juice yield compared to putting these greens in the feed chute “flat”. Kale and spinach are great sources of a phyto-chemical called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is excellent for clearing toxins out of  the blood, has natural anti-viral qualities and aids in the transport of oxygen through the blood. In many detoxification supplements you will often find that chlorophyll is a key ingredient.

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