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Juice Plus Review

Is Juice Plus a Scam?

Juice Plus is a supplement that has been in existence since 1993. I looked into the product at one time as a possible source of nutritional benefit for my family. I was even interested in becoming a distributor so that I could earn a residual income, since so many people are looking for ways to improve their nutrition just like you and I. I will not say outright that the Juice Plus is a scam. I have thoroughly looked into many business opportunities, especially health related companies, and I will say that there are many fraud companies out there. I think that Juice Plus is actually one of the better companies out there, but in my search for the best quality source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and general nutritional supplements… a little bit of research let me know that Juice Plus+ was not for me. Let me tell you why I decided that it was not for me.

The Juice Plus Company

Juice Plus is manufactured by a company called Natural Alternatives International in Santa Monica, California and distributed by National Safety Associates (NSA) in Tennessee. NSA was started in 1970 and before introducing Juice Plus, was known for other multilevel-marketed products. Juice Plus scam? No, they are just a smart company that seems to follow the business trends of the decades. Do you remember all of those water filter companies that were popular in the 1980s? Well this company sold home fire detectors when they were popular in the 70s, water filters in the early 80s, and air filters in the late 80s. They also sold educational games at one point.

While some companies in the past have made multilevel-marketing look bad, there is nothing wrong with using the method of sales distribution known as multilevel-marketing. If done right, it can benefit more people than traditional marketing, save people money and can also help get a product out to many who may have never learned about the product.

So from a business standpoint, it looks like they have the right idea. They follow the trends.

The Juice Plus Products

Their main products are the Juice Plus, which are not juice really, but powder in capsules. This is better than juice because juice supplements like the popular Acai berry juice, noni juice, Mona vie juice or Mangosteen juice products will begin to oxidate as soon as you open the bottle. This liquid oxidation is harmful to the body. The Juice Plus blend include great ingredients that come from fruits such as acerola berries, apples, cranberries, oranges, papaya, peaches, and pineapple. Their Juice Plus+ contains vegetables that are sourced from barley, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, kale, oats, parsley, spinach, and tomato. So to answer the question is Juice Plus fraud, I say that there is no Juice Plus scam, since they sell real products with decent ingredients.

It has become general knowledge that by increasing your fruit and vegetable intake on a daily basis, that you can improve your health and wellness. Eating more fruits and vegetables will actually help your body also get rid of free radical cells as well as a natural antioxidant in the body. I just do not feel that this product has enough fruits and vegetables in it for me is all.

A Few Juicy Problems

Their Juice Plus Gummies supplement for kids were found to have around 80% corn syrup and 10% beef gelatin, making the product almost without nutritional benefit. So these are not much better than the gummy vitamin/mineral bears that you can buy at your local store. Both are basically just candy!

I assume that their other products probably have a higher quality of nutrition than this but I saw some other problems that made me shy away.

The Biggest Problem

I could not find any of the product labels on their site.

The biggest problem that I saw was that in all of the poking around on their company website, I could not find any of the product labels for any of their products! What are they trying to hide? Sure they list a few fruits and vegetables, but they don’t say how much of each fruit that they use. They don’t show you the nutritional facts so you can see how much sugar and natural or artificial ingredients are in each product.

I did not like that I had to buy the product to see the product labels.

Some other problems that I saw …

1. The products were not unique enough

2. There was not enough research and science

3. The testimonials were lacking

4. The products were not manufactured to high enough standards to make me want to pay the extra money for them

5. Not all of their ingredients were organic and/or plant-based.

Juice Plus Research

One thing that caught my interest when first evaluating Juice Plus was that the product had at least been in scientific journals such as Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Nutrition Research, Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics and Integrative Medicine.

But wait a second! I soon discovered that of the the published peer-reviewed studies, only one was conducted independently! The others were all funded and/or authored by the manufacturer, the main distributor, or by individual Juice Plus distributors. That made me a little leery!

Juice Plus Testimonials

One serious mistake that was made, was in choosing former professional football player O.J. Simpson to be celebrity endorser of the product. Simpson was given a multi-year six-figure contract to sign on with NSA as a icon for the company. I personally like to see a company that has a product that is so good that star athletes use the supplement on their own, simply because they like the added performance gain and benefits that they get while using them.

The testimonial of O.J. Simpson was thrown even further out after he was charged with murdering his wife and her friend Ronald Goldman. In March of 1994, shortly before these murders took place, he was videotaped telling 4,000 Juice Plus distributors at a sales meeting that Juice Plus+ had cured his arthritis, enhanced his golf game, and freed him from needing to use anti-arthritic drugs. However, his defense attorneys in the criminal trial in 1995 and civil trial in 1997 (and in his 2007 book If I Did It) all suggested that Simpson was so handicapped by arthritis that he could not have committed the murders. They also went on to say that Simpson was using a variety of potent anti-inflammatory drugs, such as sulfasalazine and ibuprofen. Well, these may have been what improved his arthritis enough to allow him to have an enhanced golf game.

My Conclusion

In conclusion, I looked into them as a health product and as a source for a second income, since they use the residual income model which I like. To answer the question is Juice Plus a Scam? No I don’t believe Juice Plus is a scam, but Juice Plus was not for me. You should do your own research. I found an alternative that I am extremely happy with.

The Perfect Alternative

A supplement that is used by hundreds of Olympic athletes!

I found an alternative product to Juice Plus that I really like! While just looking for a health product to help my family with some health challenges, I happened across a great opportunity to get paid to share a product that I really love. Help others feel great about their health and energy. Become a wellness distributor! It is fun, rewarding and after a few years of hard work put in, can return you a nice residual income.

Everybody wants good health and more energy. Ever heard of glyconutrients? Improve your wellbeing. And since glyconutrients are so new, and are easy for anyone to start including into their diet on a regular basis, there is a huge growing demand for glyconutrients distributors. If you would like to become a local representative for an extra flow of residual income, then come talk to me. I have been consuming glyconutrients supplements for a few years now and am extremely happy with my energy, immune system, and wonderful health.

Spencer Hunt is a wellness consultant who ha

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Are you tired of fad diets that just don’t do the trick? Are you unhappy about the fat-loss hype that does nothing for your hips? If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, it is time to try the ten easiest ways to lose weight.

You can start today and lose weight fast naturally. In fact, even the kids can join in the fun of discovering how easy it is to get mom to ditch her diets permanently!

1. Avoid Add-Ons

It is often not the food itself that is the main culprit, but what you have with it. So, watch out for butter, cream, rich mayonnaise or fatty sauces. You can still have tasty food, but with a bit of thought you can save loads of calories by choosing to avoid add-ons or by opting for lower-fat substitutes. Now, isn’t that one of the easiest ways to lose weight?

2. Don’t White-Knuckle It

Do you assume that it is all a question of willpower – the one quality you don’t seem to have enough of? I have good news for you! It has much more to do with replacing a bad habit with a new, healthier habit. Prepare by putting a contingency plan together. You know your weak spots. You know when those pesky cravings are likely to hit. Have a plan of action ready and waiting.

3. Treat Yourself In Non-Food Ways

Learn to be good to yourself, but do this without food for a change. We are so used to eating for emotional reasons. We eat when we are sad or lonely. We also eat to celebrate. It is just a matter of learning to rather reward ourselves in other ways. What else gives you pleasure? A new magazine? A new make-up item? A visit with a friend? A beauty treatment at a spa? When you have been good in terms of eating healthy, or if you managed to get a small chunk of exercise done, be sure to treat yourself – but, do so with your jaws locked!

4. Prepare For A Snack-Attack

Make sure that you have a stash of healthy snack foods in a dedicated area and get into the habit of going there when you feel peckish. Healthy options include raisins, nuts, fresh fruit, air-popped popcorn, sugar-free jello, whole wheat crisp bread and dried fruit. In the fridge you can have a section with carrot sticks, celery and humus, light cottage cheese and low fat yogurt.

5. Ban The Butter

Do you love veggies, but hate steaming them? You can still saute them. However, don’t drown them in butter. Next time, try some low-salt chicken stock as an alternative. Delicious, but much less fattening.

6. Get A Vegetable Juicer

Overeating is often caused by nutrient deficiencies. By having fun preparing your own, fresh vegetable juicing recipes, you can make sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need. At the same time you can start to lose weight fast naturally.

This is also a great way to make sure that you down your fresh produce quota for the day, especially if you don’t enjoy eating veggies. Recipes for juicing can also help to lessen the craving for sweet things. In addition, fresh juice can be filling enough to help you to eat less. So, have a glass about 20 minutes before your main meal. Best of all, it is a non-fat snack the whole family will enjoy.

7. Get Moving

Find sneaky ways to add extra fat-burning activity to your day. Park a block or two further away from work and walk those extra steps at a brisk, arm-swinging pace. Forget about the elevator and re-discover stairs. Go for a walk during lunch. Remember that losing weight is much easier if your focus is on burning more calories, rather than on starving yourself.

8. Dress For Success

Throw out all your clothes with elasticized waists. These items just allow you to fool yourself about your growing girth. Stick to clothing that can’t grow with you! And refuse to step into the ‘just one size larger won’t hurt’ trap.

9. Make Exercise Fun

If you are new to the idea of exercise, try to start out with something fun and non-threatening. If your confidence level has suffered because of a weight issue, the thought of going to a gym may be daunting. You may wish to tackle something simple at home for a while first. One idea is to get a rebounder. These mini-trampolines allow you to walk in place, jog or do a whole range of exercises. They come with a host of other health benefits. If you really want to lose weight fast naturally, working with weights should be high on your ‘to do’ list.

10. Nothing Is Taboo

Don’t make anything a total taboo! If you do, you will simply crave it. Have a slice of pizza now and then, enjoy a square of dark chocolate or join the kids and have that ice cream cone from time to time. Just make sure that you choose a smaller portion. The easiest way to lose weight, is by incorporating your favorites into your healthier eating plan. If you do this, you can remain in control. You will also be less likely to binge.

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