I’ve bought several juicers this year and hated most of them — they’re hard to clean, and some are designed to fail within a year of weekly use.

What do I want from a juicer? Quick to juice, quick to clean, built to last, and at a good price. And after trying more flashy juicers, I found all I need in the Juiceman JM300 and now saved time and money in getting more juice out of fruit and veggies, with less prep-time.

The Best Juicer – The Juiceman JM300:

- Has a 3 inch chute to cut down on the prep-time of cutting apples, carrots, etc.

- Priced low, around to

- Easier to clean than all other types: Breville, Green Star, Omega.

- Built to last, unlike some more expensive juicers (see the mesh element on Breville juicers)

- Makes DRY pulp, so you know you’re getting good value out of your produce.

Some people rate this juicer, “good as a starter” — but I’ve had the Breville Elite (over 0) and GreenStar (0) juicers, and the Juiceman is the best all-around!

Juicers are NOT created equal. Breville juicers are the same type as the Juiceman, but because of the inferior mesh, straining element, the pulp they produce is very wet, which means you’re losing a lot of juice, and wasting a lot of money.

Another thing to think about when choosing a juicer is whether you want one mostly for grass or leafy vegetables. The fast-spinning, centrifugal juicers like Juiceman, are designed for all solid fruit and veggies — both hard and soft; and the Juiceman does pretty well with grasses and leafy greens, but only “masticating”, auger-type, juicers will get the most value out of grasses and leafy vegetables. The best auger-type juicer is the “Green Star” brand.

One more thing to keep in mind, if you choose the JM300 rather than the stainless steel JM400: the white plastic body tends to “orange” if the parts are only lightly rinsed off.  This doesn’t happen if you put them in a dishwasher on regular cycle. This coloring usually comes from carrot juice. So, the JM400, is slightly easier to clean. However I prefer the JM300 because it has a slide switch instead of the rotary switch on the JM400 – this keeps your messy, juicy, hands off of the machine when you can just tap the switch with a knuckle, rather than clawing for the rotary switch to turn. But both juicers are durable enough to outlast every 0+ juicer I’ve had.  An excellent value.  The Juiceman JM300/400 is the best all-around performer and best value in juice machines.

I’m Sean, and I’ve spent way too much time researching and trying different juicers.  Let me save you this time and hassle! See my website for more info on the best juicer, and where to get the best deal on it.

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